Coffee Creatures

Drink deep for the Coffee Creatures are here! 

Coffee Creatures is the latest release by Cody Vrosh and Binary Winter Press.  An 84 page full color 9x12" hardcover art book collecting the coffee and watercolor paintings of Cody Vrosh featuring creatures of all sorts, from forest to city, myth to mechanical, sea and sky.  

It's available now in our Binary Winter Press shop and Cody's Art shop.

"I love to drink coffee and draw creatures, and we all want to combine the things we love in life, right? So I started using coffee in my creature drawing process, along with watercolor and pen. I loved that so much, I continued doing it until I had a pretty large collection of coffee paintings.  This book collects all of my coffee art pieces plus a few short stories about specific paintings. I always have little stories rattling around my head while I paint the creatures, and some of them require me to write them down."

If you'd like to see more Coffee Creatures art, please check out

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