Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shot Through the Heart

Howdy! We wanted to kick off our blog by sharing the news of our recent engagement. On my birthday (New Year's Eve, and yes, worst day to have as a birthday EVER, easily beating out Christmas and Leap Day), as we walked along Sonoma's beautiful Russian River, Cody stopped and pulled out a package wrapped in red tissue paper. I unwrapped it to find a stunning brass steampunk-esque music box that he built by hand, wrought with gears and bearing the sigil of Artemis the Huntress and her faithful hound.

As I was already dying from the loveliness, imagine my total shock when Cody wound it up, sank to one knee, and opened it. Inside was a delicate antique cameo ring (from 1860, I later learned). The song that played and the words that were spoken are precious and ours alone, but we are more than happy to share a few visuals :).

Now, if we can only figure out a graceful way to stage the Fire Wedding from Krull ;)...


Priest said...

ok i tried leaving this before and i dont think it worked. lets try again.
cody that is a killer music box dude. how did you make it without her finding out, do you have a secret lair behind the washer and dryer? and girl that is one fine ring you got there, dont let it fall down the garbage disposal. love you guys and loved the book. now all i need is to buy one of them super cool scarves you got going on.


Juan said...

Damn Cody, that's pretty badass! Congratulations you two! I'm so happy for you both.

Anonymous said...

yay! congrats you two... box, ring, story...all perfect.