Monday, March 3, 2008

Binary Winter Melts Into Spring

big eyed surveillance
sweet flowers will distract you
i take your honey

Spring brings out the poet in us! Unfortunately, our inner poet turns out to be a pretty lazy guy. Which is why we love haikus! They're perfect for that afternoon caffeine-induced burst of ADD eloquence.

Celebrate the launch of our new spring line with us with a little haiku fun:

1. Pick an item in your Etsy shop
2. Write a haiku about it
3. Drop the haiku in our comment box along with the link to the item

If you don't have an item to wax haiku about but are just feeling the muse, go ahead and express yourself! We'll feature our favorites on our blog next Monday!


Cody said...

warm fuzzy thorax
excessive on hottest days
always un-naked

UglyGerbil said...

Ooh, me too!

Little red devil
Sitting on my left shoulder
No angelic right...

dustin said...

ticky ticky tock
you break the gears in my heart
your love strangles me

Dustin said...

Woven round my neck
Silently you warm my heart
Forever in love

patchworkphoenix said...

a stealthy rabbit
lurks beside the cookie jar
resolve weakening

Purty Girl Designs said...

encased in glass
a heart beating

binarywinter said...

patchworkphoenix's bunny is too cute, i couldn't resist:

ninja rabbit sneaks
into the night so silent
my cookies fear him

Purty Girl Designs said...

old of sorts
unexpected red
prick your finger

Anonymous said...

alright then...

dragonfly resting,
shimmering in morning light.
fly away to mate!

Anonymous said...


oh, hello daisy!
don't let the hippies get you,
you're meant for the bees

Anonymous said...

they're familiar but

faceless -- must be family

one has a rifle said...

things fall on his head

he drowns and steps on third rail

then robots get him

patchworkphoenix said...

binarywinter, i love your haiku for Secret, it wears the pants of awesomeness!