Saturday, March 15, 2008

Indie Retailer of the Day

Moue Magazine has chosen us as Indie Retailer of the Day! Their blog focuses on progressive politics, in addition to spotlighting independent artists and media.

Be sure to check them out!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Haiku Challenge

haiku challengers
your clever words grace our blog

our days are brightened

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Spring Haiku Challenge! Here are a few of our favorite submissions:

oh, hello daisy!
don't let the hippies get you,
you're meant for the bees

little red devil
sitting on my left shoulder
no angelic right

Devil May Care Sheldon, from Ugly Gerbil

things fall on his head
he drowns and steps on third rail
then robots get him

A Dozen Calamities Card, from Momerath

ticky ticky tock
you break the gears in my heart
your love strangles me

Tender Time Bomb Scarf (This one's actually from our shop, but we thought the haiku written by our friend Dustin was hilarious, so we threw it in :) ).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Binary Winter Melts Into Spring

big eyed surveillance
sweet flowers will distract you
i take your honey

Spring brings out the poet in us! Unfortunately, our inner poet turns out to be a pretty lazy guy. Which is why we love haikus! They're perfect for that afternoon caffeine-induced burst of ADD eloquence.

Celebrate the launch of our new spring line with us with a little haiku fun:

1. Pick an item in your Etsy shop
2. Write a haiku about it
3. Drop the haiku in our comment box along with the link to the item

If you don't have an item to wax haiku about but are just feeling the muse, go ahead and express yourself! We'll feature our favorites on our blog next Monday!

Treasuries are Shiny

February was quite shiny for us in terms of treasuries! Our Logic Trap shirt was featured on two front page Steampunk treasuries, first in Old World Romance's marvelous Steampunk Design Treasury at the beginning of the month:

And then in in Winklepot's temporally charming Cog...nisance Treasury on 02.21.08:

We also had a nice little surprise two days later on 02.23.08 when our Tender Time Bomb scarf was chosen by local Etsyian AnnetteMusick for her sweet San Francisco Has Style Treasury:

So much thoughtfulness and ingenuity go into making these inventive treasuries! Thanks so much to all these kind folks for including us!