Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heroes and Harbingers

We've been total slackers this past year about updating our blog, but are hoping to kick things back up! Lots of fun things have been happening for us, including having our work show up on NBC's "Heroes"! We were total geeks for this show to begin with, so it was really exciting to see our stuff pop up in a couple of episodes.

Here's the banner for our book "The Irrelevant Redemption" from last week's episode:

And here's our Raven t-shirt lurking in another comic book store scene (this episode had the fantanamous Seth Green in it!):

We're already digging the reboot with this year's Volume 4 "Fugitives" (though Parkman should have bitten it, instead of Speedy, and really, why is Suresh still around?). Other than a few quibbles, the darker tone and faster BSG-style pacing is working for us, can't wait to see how this story arc plays out!

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