Friday, April 27, 2012

Something Woodsy, Something Blue

When we were planning our own DIY wedding back in 2009, we came to discover that while brides have an infinite array of wedding fashions to choose from, the groom's attire options are sadly far more limited.  That's what got us started screen printing neckties.  Cody created an illustration representing "Wood, Water & Fire", the theme for our wedding and screen printed ties for himself and his groomsmen.

Since then, we've had the honor of having several grooms use our ties for their own weddings, which brings unto us great joy.  We've decided to begin offering wedding tie sets, starting with two of our most popular designs.

The Timeless Wedding Tie Set, a set of 5 of our Bigger on the Inside Doctor Who TARDIS Inspired Ties for the dashing Time Lord and his dapper groomsmen.

Timeless Wedding Tie Set

The Wood Grain Wedding Set, a set of 5 of our Against the Grain custom-designed wood grain ties, perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding. 

Wood Grain Wedding Set

Both sets are now available in our shop.  If you need more or less ties, or want to mix and match colors, message us and we'll be happy to work with you to create the perfect set.  Happy nuptials!

And because all this wedding stuff is making me nostalgic, here's few pics from our own wedding...

Our Steampunk Robot Cameos, painted by Cody

Our Wedding Bots!

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